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Věřím, že UX hraje kritickou roli v řešení problémů uživatele.
Monster mě podporuje v mé vášni pro technologie a psychologii. Jako interakční designér se podílím na rozvoji nejnavštěvovanější stránky – detail nabídky práce a procesu žádosti.




Baví mě, jak pixely a barvy pomáhají uživatelům v jejich digitální cestě. V Monsteru se od sebe navzájem učíme a díky tomu se mohu stále posouvat a zlepšovat v oboru. V UX týmu víme, že s otevřenou myslí a upřímným smíchem jde design snadněji.

Co by vás mohlo zajímat

Čím se vaše firma primárně zabývá?

Monsters focus is connecting people with new opportunities and employers with top talent. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, and have expanded from our roots as a „job board“ to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services.

Jak vám do toho zapadá UX a jak je ve firmě vnímáno?

UX team is playing major role in product development, helping shape up future products and services company has to offer.

Jakou vizi – cíl má vaše UX oddělení?

Monster vision is “All the People, All the Jobs” as you see this definition alone covers quite a lot of Users, everyone has different eXperience, our goal is to make it as streamlined as possible.
With variety of user needs, all available devices, complicated business requirements and necessity of adopting changes quickly we need to have knowledge, vision, tools and processes properly shared and controlled.
This is one of our primary UX goals.

Co je pro vás v současnosti největší výzvou?

Monster is BIG as every monster should be. We have big traffic, big number of pages with presence in over 30 countries and dev centers in Prague, Boston and Kuala Lumpur, this requires a lot of coordination and special processes to handle this properly.
As you can imagine to achieve consistency across the pages and products all people responsible for UX need to be in sync, with multiple time zones, multiple teams, and various definitions of success… it’s a challenge and we love it.

Kolik vás v UX je a jak jsou jednotliví členové zaměření?

Monster’s ux team is distributed across 3 development hubs, totaling 25 people that focus on various product areas. UX team in Prague is small yet powerful unit of 3 UX professionals that work with front end engineers and developers.
Basic work distribution is like: prototyping, visualizing, communication, in the same time all those roles are relatively fluid and it’s quite common that we are changing our roles and complementing each other.

S kým konkrétně bych se ve vašem oddělení setkal a pracoval?

You will be interacting with broad range of people not only within UX team but within organization to ensure successful and most efficient solutions are delivered to market.

Co je náplní práce lidí ve vašem týmu?

Prague UX team was always involved in most important aspects of Monster apps, from complete redesign of all pages to fine tuning of our most important flows like Job View with tens of millions views per month. In order to do this properly we need to have proper tools, we are using our own custom build tools like Style Guide library and resource serving applications in addition to widely accepted standard ones like Axure RP, Adobe products, Whiteboards, Pen and Paper and Slack. We have successfully implemented SCRUM practices and majority of our work is following agile methodology.
Scope of responsibilities is quite wide and we are welcoming wide range of user skills in our team. From research and conceptualizing thru sketches, dynamic hi-fi prototypes, visual mockups, white boarding to visual tests, a/b testing and data analysis.

Co máte v plánu na nejbližší rok, abyste se vzdělávali a rozvíjeli své dovednosti a znalosti?

We are group of individuals everyone has different skills, character, temperament and vision of his own progress and development path. UX team is given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and improve their skills by almost any means possible. We are trying to attend all most important events relevant to us WebExpo, UX Camp, Frontier and so on. Internal sharing knowledge sessions are open for everyone, next year we will follow similar schedule.

Je to pro vás priorita, případně jak moc je důležitá?

Yes it’s extremely important to have the feeling that we are supported by the company and we have this opportunity to develop ourselves not only on daily basis but also in more specialized way.
In the same time we appreciate that we are not pushed into random trainings which are not necessarily suited for us.

Hledáte teď aktuálně někoho do svého týmu a koho?

Currently we are gathering a pool of UX designers, analysts, front end engineers for next year.

Na koho se mám obrátit, pokud bych měl zájem o práci u vás?

Please reach out to Adellaide Mikova @ or call her on 731448463.

Je ještě něco, co zde nepadlo a je dobré to zmínit?

Monster delivers amazing value to people with its services and apps, we change people’s careers and lives. Join us to change recruitment landscape of the future!

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