Co by vás mohlo zajímat

Čím se vaše firma primárně zabývá?

Accenture is global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 425,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries.

In order to help its client to become high-performance businesses Accenture combines its broad experience from global network with innovative ideas of design companies like Fjord and Karmarama, which create digital services centered around the people.

Digital transformation is one of the main areas of focus at the moment and Accenture makes sure that its clients are ready for new challenges, that it brings about, by implementing flexible systems and services with attractive design.

Jak vám do toho zapadá UX a jak je ve firmě vnímáno?

During the last two years Accenture made sure that design thinking underlines all work that is done for client. Customer centered design is perceived as a corner stone for Accenture work and we help our client to apply it to their products and services as well.

Co je pro vás v současnosti největší výzvou?

Build up the team balancing experience and more junior roles.Build up the team balancing experience and more junior roles.

Kolik vás v UX je a jak jsou jednotliví členové zaměření?

Our designers team currently consist of 7 members with broad range of backgrounds and experience. Two people are dedicated to Visual Design, four to Interaction Design and UX methodologies, all of them under umbrella of our design lead. 

S kým konkrétně bych se ve vašem oddělení setkal a pracoval?

In Accenture you will meet with designer professionals from all around the world. At the moment we have team members from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and the Czech Republic. They have vast experience with work for various clients across the industries and design is their passion. Besides the designer team you will meet also our colleagues from technology and management consulting who help to define the business requirements for new services. Working closely together enables us to flexibly respond to the clients’ needs and address them accordingly.

Co je náplní práce lidí ve vašem týmu?

  • Contribute to sound UX concepts, including the definition of customer needs, task analysis, and the creation of personas, storyboards, scenarios, user flows and use cases.
  • Create digital brand and identity assets as required by the project.
  • Translate concepts into appealing designs that illustrate simplicity and usability, despite system complexity.
  • Contribute to the Visual Interface.
  • Design through personas, storyboards, scenarios, mood boards, iconography, photography and illustrations.
  • Produce animation motion solutions and demos created in Flash, 3D or similar software.
  • Give data meaning through information visualization.
  • Contribute to user research and testing by participating in various activities as contextual and stakeholder interviews, field studies, and usability testings.
  • Contribute to the communication of research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and visually.
  • Define and create artifacts of a design language and build UI libraries to supplement prototypes for our implementation partners.
  • Participate in regular design critiquing sessions to ensure consistent design quality and consistency.
  • Work closely with development teams to ensure that design specifications are implemented.
  • Participate as a contributor to an interdisciplinary team that includes other designers, program management, business and brand strategists, and hardware and software developers.
  • Participate in and contribute to Project Debriefs.

Je to pro vás priorita, případně jak moc je důležitá?

Employee development is one of the top priorities in Accenture. We strive to provide as many opportunities to learn as possible and accommodate learning needs of our employees. However, you play the main role in defining your learning path. Accenture will be there to support you every step on the way.

Hledáte teď aktuálně někoho do svého týmu a koho?

Yes, we are looking for candidates for junior and senior positions working on Interaction / UX and Visual Design. These new team members would work with us on exciting new projects in the area of Service and UI Design. If you are up for the challenge don’t hesitate to stop by our stand.

Na koho se mám obrátit, pokud bych měl zájem o práci u vás?

Please contact with your CV and portfolio presentation.

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